Lelliott Family

The Lelliott name was originally centred around the West of Sussex and Portsea area of Hampshire. They first put down roots towards the east with the christening of Thomas, the son of Henry Lilliott on 26 April 1663 in Shermanbury, West Sussex. I do not know why they moved here but William Lilliott in his will, made in 1734, left an orchard in Shermanbury.

My line starts at Nicholas Lelliott born 1769 in Henfield the son of Jane Lelliott, a widow. I do not know who Nicholas's father was.

Many years ago I started to collect infomation about the Lelliott name generally and have accumulated about 1500 names of Lelliotts or of people who married a Lelliott from about 1750 to 1900. Click here to go to a page where you can select a name and view their tree.

Below are links to the pages that are relevant to the Lelliotts including links to pages not directly connected to my ancestors

My Lelliott Ancestors