Apology of Samuel Lelliott to Mr Goring of Wiston 1792

Extract from John Dine's Will

Item I give the Messuage or Teniment I bought of Pollard unto the said S[i]r Robert Fagge Bar[one]t and Robert Fagge Esq and to their Heirs to the only use and behoof of the poor of the parish of Wiston and to be disposed of by the said S[i]r Robert Fagge and Robert Fagge and afterwards by the Fagg's Heirs of Wiston for ever and to put in and dispose at their will and pleasure as they see good at all times and never to be at the power of the said parish to dispose of to the poor either to put in or put out of the aforesaid House.

Whereas I Sam[ue]l Lelliott do live in the above mention[e]d House by Permission of Mr Goring of Wiston Heir to above mention[e]d S[i]r Rob[er]t Fagg & whereas I have highly offended Mr Goring as well as the Parish Officers & principal Inhabitants of Wiston by my obstinate behaviour in opposing their Orders with respect to the management of the Poor in a certain House of Industry lately built & particularly by refusing to send a Bastard Child of my Daughters to the said House & demanding a maintenance for the said Child out of the House; Now being sensible of, & sorry for, my said ill behaviour I do thus publicly acknowledge it; I beg pardon of the Parish Officers & Inhabitants of Wiston for it & I do intreat Mr Goring to suffer me to continue in the said House.

Done this _ day of March 1792

The Mark of Sam[ue]l Lelliott

Witnesses on the Back.

Witnesses: Ellis Sayres Gardent
Henry Rook Overseer
Henry Floate
Thos. Woolven

Transcribed by Janice Ferris from copy of original document ref: Ref WSRO Wiston MS3990.