Nicholas Lelliott 1769-1819

Nicholas was christened in Henfield, Sussex on 1 October 1769 the son of Jane Lelliott, a widow. Jane Slater had married William Lelliot at Henfield on 11 April 1751. They had seven children. William was buried in Henfield on 27 May 1766 and the following year on 19 April her daughter Ann was christened in Henfield. Two years later Nicholas was born. A third child Richard was christened also in Henfield on 6 November 1774. I do not know who the father of these children was but for more than a century this branch of the family used Lancaster as a first or middle name.

On 1 January 1793 Nicholas married Ann Sawyer at New Shoreham, Sussex. Three children were born to them in Shoreham. The parish register also records the burial of three Lelliott babies at yearly intervals and although no parents' names are given there is no record of another Lelliott family living there at the time. By 1809 they were living in Worthing.

In 1805 Nicholas purchased a plot of land, 28 feet by 40 feet 7 inches, part of Coxes Field, for £85-1s-0d. It was bounded on the north by Cross Lane, now Montague Street and he had to maintain a road on the east side. He sold it in 1810. This land was later owned by Currys Ltd and is now occupied by Poundland.

The Broadwater Surveyor's Rate book list for Michaelmas 1818 list Nicholas Lelyott

I do not know whether this means that he owned the above properties and was receiving rental income or whether he was just renting them.

In 1805 Nicholas described himself as "Officer in the Customs". In the coastguard records held at the Public Record Office, Kew ref. ADM-175-2, sometime before 19 March 1817 he is recorded as being Chief Officer at Worthing, sick, and he was replaced on 20 April 1818.

A double tombstone in Broadwater churchyard records his death on 5 July 1819 but there is no corresponding entry in the burial register. Letters of Adminstration were granted to his widow. He left under £800.

Ann did not marry again. The July 1838 Broadwater Poor Rate book lists her as owning and occupying one house and premises in Augusta Place & Trafalgar Place, presumably on the corner. In the 1841 census she is a lodging house keeper, living at Paragon Place, with her grand daughter Emily and great grand daugter Ann. The lodging house would appear to be the house Snewin in his book "Glimpses of Old Worthing" refers to as Lelliotts, now Augusta Cottage. It was on the west corner of Paragon Street and Marine Parade and would have faced the sea. Ann died on 9 January 1850 aged 79 and is recorded on the same headstone as her husband in Broadwater churchyard.

Ann in her will left money to her children and grandchildren, which had been securied to her on promissory notes of her son-in-laws, David Miles and John Phillipps. She left £50 to Ann Priscilla Mytel (Lelliott) the eldest child of her granddaughter Emily Lelliott. In the 1851 census Emily and her younger brother, George, are inmates in the Central London District School, Croydon, Surrey. Their mother had married four years previously. No mention of George is made in the will. She also left to her son Henry "the five mooring or stones, chains and all that appertain there to" presumably a place on the stony Worthing beach to tie up a boat.


  1. Lancaster Lelliott christened 29 September 1794 at New Shoreham.
  2. He has his own page

  3. Henry Lelliott christened 11 September 1796 at New Shoreham.

    On 3 June 1821 in Brighton he married Maria Williams. She was buried in Broadwater, Sussex on 21 June 1823, recorded in the register as Mary. Children:-

    • Maria Lelliott christened 27 January 1822 at Independent Chapel, Chapel Street, Worthing, Sussex
    • Nicholas John Lelliott christened 13 April 1823 at Independent Chapel, Worthing. He was buried 30 May 1823 at Broadwater aged 3 months.

    Henry then married Jane Bridger in Broadwater on 28 July 1835. They had the following children:-

    • Jane Lelliott christened 11 February 1836, buried 14 May 1843 at Broadwater, aged 7.
    • Henry Lelliott christened 15 April 1838 at Broadwater
    • Charles Lelliott christened 19 July 1840 at Broadwater

    Henry was a tailor. He is recorded in the Broadwater poor rate book of July 1838 as the owner occupier of 18 Prospect Row & Place, house. In the censuses he was recorded as living in Worthing except in 1861 when he and Jane were in Newington, Surrey, (Lambeth, London). Henry was buried in Broadwater cemetery 14 September 1872 aged 78. Jane died at the age of 93 in Worthing in 1904

  4. Ann Lelliott christened 27 December 1798 at New Shoreham

    She married David Miles, a builder on 22 April 1822 at Broadwater. She is recorded on a headstone in Broadwater churchyard as dying on 7 June 1836 age 37.

  5. Nicholas Lelliott born and buried 1800 New Shoreham
  6. James Lelliott born and buried 1801 New Shoreham
  7. James Lelliott born and buried 1802 New Shoreham
  8. Nicholas Peter Lelliott christened 5 February 1809 Broadwater

    He married Mary Ann Harvey on 21 Jun 1832 at Broadwater. Nicholas his wife and four children sailed from London bound for Australia on the barque Pestonjee-Bomanjee, arriving in Adelaide on 12 October 1838. Nicholas was a bricklayer. He died on 29 August 1846 at North Adelaide. Only known child but there are at least three more:-

    • Sarah Lelliott christened 26 October 1834 at Brighton, Dorset Gardens, Wesleyan Chapel, Sussex
  9. Priscilla Lelliott christened 15 December 1810 at Independent Congregational, Chapel Street, Worthing.

    She married John Phillips, a stationer, on 1 July 1833 at Broadwater. Priscilla died aged 48 on 10 February 1858. Two of her children, Pricilla Phillips, died 10 September 1857 age 23, and Henry Nicholas Phillips, died 22 January 1855 age 10, are remembered on her headstone in Broadwater churchyard.