Will of Elizabeth Lellyett 1810

I Elizabeth Lellyett by the Will of God Declear this to be my last Will and Testament I give to my Brother William Lellyett tenn pounds I give to my sister Mary Palmer five pounds. I give to my sister Sarah Riddles Thirty pounds. I give to my sister Ann Lellyett one hundard and tenn pounds. And to William Riddles my nephew In stead of one pound one shilling Tenn pound whem he comes of Age and the Intrust all that Time I also give to Ann Lellyett my Chaney Cups and Sausers and basons and three Tea Spoons the other three I give to Sarah Riddles with all my Close to be equaly shared Between Sarah Riddles and Ann Lellett with Chest Boxes and Draws and when all Expenses are paid if there be any money left my Will is that it should be given to Ann Lellyett if my Brother Lellyett or Sister Palmer or Sister Riddles be dead and my Sister Ann Lellyett be living the Money either of them should a had my Will is Ann Lellyett should have it and if either Sarah Riddles or Ann Lellyett either of them be dead I mean the other to have all my Close and what the other should have had if any one object against what I have done my will is that it should be so and be done by my Brother William Lellyett whome I should Chuse for my Executor in Six Months after my Disceas  —  Elizabeth Lellyett  —  Whitness my Hand  —  Richard Burt  — John Miles

July 21 1799 I Elizabeth Lellyett do further more give to Mary Palmer Five pound which makes Ten pounds if she be living at my Disease  —  Whitness my Hand  —  Elizabeth Lellyett

This Will and Codicil were proved before the Reverend James Baden Carpenter, Clerk Surrogate On the 17th Day of October in the year of our Lord 1810 On the oath of William Lellyett the Executor named therein. To whom a Day was given for exhibiting an Inventory.

Effects sworn under £450

Death duty register Elizabeth Lillyott of W. Tarring

Will transcribed by Janice Ferris from copy of microfilm of original document W.S.R.O STA/1/13 p203,204 MF219

Transcript of death duty register. PRO ref: IR 26/321

  1. Mary Lellyott married Thomas Palmer in 1771 at Middleton by Bognor (IGI)
  2. Sarah Lellyet married William Riddles at West Tarring in 1780 (SFHG SMI)