Henry Lelliott 1820-1863

Henry was christened on 30 January 1820 at Littlehampton, Sussex, the son of Lancaster Lelliott and Lucy Ward.

In 1845 at Broadwater, Sussex he married Mary Churcher. Mary was christened in 1815 at Broadwater the daughter of William Churcher and Mary Goom.

For all of his married life Henry was a shoemaker, living in Field Row Worthing. His wife was a laundress.

Henry died aged 44 and his burial is recorded in the Broadwater parish register, although he was actually buried in Broadwater cemetery, on 16 May 1863, the day the cemetery opened. Mary did not remarry and she died in 1882, aged 66, at Field Row, Worthing. She is also buried in Broadwater cemetery.

The Broadwater Poor Rate book of October 1866 list the devies of Henry Lelliott owning a house in Field Row occupied by Mary Lelliott, and owning and renting out shops and workshop at 43 & 45 Chapel Street and renting but not owning Cobden Road workshop, unoccupied.


  1. Henry Lelliott christened 24 October 1847 at Broadwater.

    He died at Worthing aged 7 and was buried on 15 September 1854

  2. William Lancaster Lelliott christened on 22 July 1849 at Broadwater

    He was a carpenter, living at Field Row, Worthing. He was buried in Broadwater cemetery on   17 February 1881

  3. Nicholas Lelliott christened 29 June 1851, Broadwater.

    In 1871 Nicholas was a plasterer. By the time of his marriage, at Broadwater in 1875 to Ann Mitchell he was a bricklayer. He remained a bricklayer in the census records, dying in 1927 at the age of 75 in the East Preston district, Sussex. His wife and youngest daughter were both buried in Broadwater in July 1893. It is possible that they were victims of the typhoid outbreak that year. Nicholas and Ann's children were

    • William Lelliott born 1876 Worthing
    • Thurge T Lelliott born 1878 Worthing
    • Anna Lelliott born 1880, Worthing. Buried 29 July 1893, Broadwater
  4. Frederick Lelliott christened 10 October 1852 at Broadwater.

    Frederick was a bricklayer, marrying Kate Waghorn in 1877. Kate was buried in Broadwater cemetery on 24 June 1886 aged 37. There are no known children from this marriage. Secondly Frederick married Fanny Callanghan in 1887. In 1891 they were living at 12 Gordon Road, Worthing in a house that he and his brother, Joseph, had built. Frederick died aged 58 in 1910 and Fanny in 1939 aged 84. They had one child.

    • Ivy Lelliott born 1888 Worthing
  5. Kate Lelliott christened 14 May 1854, Broadwater

    Kate was a laundress living in Field Row, Worthing. She did not marry and was buried at Broadwater in 1895. She had a daughter

    • Alice Lelliott born 1888 at Worthing
  6. Joseph Henry Lelliott born April 1856 at Field Row, Worthing

    He has his own page

  7. Alfred Lelliott christened 16 October 1859 at The Independent Chapel, Chapel Street, Worthing

    He was a grocer living in Field Row, Worthing. He was buried in Broadwater cemetery on 9 November 1880.