Will of Emma Thomson 1921

THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me EMMA THOMSON of 132 Greenwich Road Greenwich Kent Widow I appoint my brother in law Ralph Goodwin Thomson and my nephew Charles Halliburton Thomson to be the Executors and trustees of this my will I give the following legacies namely To my nephew Garnet Thomson twenty pounds To my niece Annie Irwin ten pounds and To my grand niece Norah Evelyn Curno ten pounds And I declare that all the said legacies shall be paid free of legacy duty I give devise and bequeath all the residue of my real and personal estate unto my said trustees Upon trust to sell and convert into money such part thereof as shall not consist of money and after payment thereout of my funeral and testamentary expenses debts death duties including the legacy duty on the said legacies to invest the residue of the said moneys with power from time to time to vary the investments thereof and to stand possessed of the said moneys and the investments representing the same and all income arising therefrom In trust to pay and divide the same equally between Joseph Halliburton Thomson (the infant son of the said Charles Halliburton Thomson) and Dorothy Edith Thomson (the infant daughter of the said Ralph Goodwin Thomson) as and when they attain the age of twenty one years respectively And I expressly empower my said trustees at any time during the minority of either of them the said Joseph Halliburton Thomson and Dorothy Edith Thomson in the uncontrolled discretion of my said trustees to raise the whole or any part or parts of the shares so by this my will vested in the said Joseph Halliburton Thomson and Dorothy Edith Thomson respectively and to apply the same for his or her advancement in life education preferment or benefit in such manner as my said trustees may deem expedient IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereto set my hand this twenty sixth day of August one thousand nine hundred and sixteen -- The mark of EMMA X THOMSON -- Signed by the above named testatrix Emma Thomson as her last will in the presence of us both being present at the same time who in her presence and in the presence of each other hereto subscribe our names as witnesses the said will having been first read over to the said testatrix in our presence who appeared perfectly to understand the same and being unable to write through infirmity made her mark thereto in our joint presence -- JOHN ARTHUR LITTLE 33 Park Mansions Vauxhall Park S W Civil Servant (Post Office) -- AMELIA A LITTLE 33 Park Mansions Vauxhall Park S W Married Nil --

On the 16th day of November 1921 Probate of this will was granted to Ralph Goodwin Thomson and Halliburton Thomson the Executors.

BE IT KNOWN that Emma Thomson of 132 Greenwich Road Greenwich in the County of Kent widow died on the 30th day of October 1921 at Selby Villa. Lindfield in the County of Sussex

and be it further known that at the date hereunder written the last Will and Testament of the said deceased was proved and registered in the Principal Probate Registry of His Majesty's High Court of Justice, and that administration of all the estate which by law devolves to and vests in the personal representative of the said deceased was granted by the aforesaid Court to Ralph Goodwin Thomson of 74 Station Road. Clacton on Sea. Essex. retired draper brother and Charles Halliburton Thomson of 132 Greenwich Road aforesaid draper nephew of deceased the Executors named in the said will

Dated the 16th day of November 1921

Gross value of Estate £499-9-10

Net value of Personal Estate £435-0-10

  1. The 1911 census records John Arthur Little as a Post Office Clerk, aged 42, boarding at 1 Harmsworth St. He also witnessed Emma's husband's will in 1914.