St Marks, Greenwich, session minutes 8 August 1897


The following minutes passed at the meeting of Deacon's court (a copy of which was sent to the family of our deceased friend Mr John Thomson in the names of all the office Bearers) was ordered to be entered in the minutes viz:-

"The court records with much grief the sudden death of Mr John Thomson, who for upwards of 40 years was a member of St Marks and for the long period of 37 years he held the responsible post of Treasurer. The scrupulous integrity with which he performed the duties of this office, and the masterful way in which he handled the complicated accounts are well known to the office bearers and the Congregation. All this entailing as it did, the expenditure of much time and energy was never felt by him to be a task or duty - but was ever gladly done as a labour of love. But not to the financial interest of the Congregation did he confine himself. Into every department of Church work he threw himself with ardour, and his loss will be keenly felt by all. A man of few words he was, but of many deeds, peace loving, courteous and kind in his demeanour to all. Over the loss they have sustained the Office Bearers can but bow in humble acquiescence to the Divine will, sorrowing not as those that have no hope, but assured that their loss is his gain.

The Office Bearers further desire to assure the family of their deceased friend of their deepest sympathy and join in the sincere prayer that God would abundantly comfort them."

Transcribed by Janice Ferris from original document at London Metropolitan Archives: St Marks Greenwich Minutes of Session 1873-1910 ref: LMA/4393/A/001