Sarah Thompson 1803-18??

Sarah was born on 27 May 1803, the daughter of David Thomson and his wife Margaret Mitchell. Her baptism is recorded in the Legerwood, Berwickshire register in the same entry as her younger brother William. It notes her date of birth and a baptism date of about 24 Jun 1803. On 30 January 1829 at Gordon, Berwickshire, Sarah Thompson married Thomas Miller of the parish of Earlston, Berwickshire. Thomas is described in the censuses as carpenter, wright, turner and sawyer. He was born about 1805 in Linlithgow, West Lothian. In 1841 they were living in Earlston. Sarah had died by 1851 so there is no information of who her parents were but it seems probable that this is the correct Sarah. In 1851 Thomas and the children were living in Melrose, Roxburghshire. In 1861 and 1871 they were in St Boswells, Roxburghshire and in 1881 Thomas was living with his daughter Margaret and son-in-law Adam Turnbull in Yetholm, Roxburghshire. Thomas died on 26 June 1872.

Known children:-

  1. Andrew Miller born 29 October 1829 Earlston, Berwickshire

    Andrew was baptised on 16 November 1829 at Earlston. In 1851 he was wright and turner living with his father in Melrose. On 4 July 1851 Andrew married Mary Thomson of the parish of St Boswells, Roxburghshire. Mary was not a relative, the daughter of John Thompson and Martha Flowers. By 1861 Andrew's was employed at the woollen mill and the family lived in Galashiels where they remained. Mary died on 13 October 1901, her husband was the informant. Children all born Galashiels:-

    • Martha Miller born 1852

      Martha was a power loom wool weaver when she married Benjamin Aikman at Galashiels in 1878. They had five children including twins and lived in Galashiels. Benjamin died in 1913 and Martha in 1917.

    • Sarah Miller born 1855

      Sarah was a power loom weaver and later a domestic servant still living with her parent in 1901

    • Thomas Miller born 16 March 1856

      He died at Ladhope, Roxburghshire aged under one

    • John Miller born 1859

      In 1881 he was a wool carder, by 1891 he was a coal dealer still living with his parents in 1901

    • Mary Miller born 19 February 1864

      Mary was a power loom woollen weaver, marrying James Jackson on 29 August 1895 at Galashiels. Mary died in 1899 at Galashiels and Thomas died in 1915

    • Thomas Miller born 18 March 1866

      Thomas died as an infant in 1866

    • Andrew Robert Miller born 1 May 1869

      In 1891 he was a commission agent living with his parents

  2. David Miller born 23 October 1831 Earlston

    As David is not with his family in the 1841 census he probably had died

  3. Margaret Miller born 7 January 1834 Earlston

    In 1860 at St Boswells, Roxburghshire Margaret married Adam Turnbull. Adam was a slater and later also a plumber. He was born about 1832 in Jedburgh. Margaret died in 1889 at Yetholm and Adam in 1899. Children:-

    • Sarah Turnbull born 16 January 1861 at St Boswells

      In 1881 Sarah was a teacher living with her parents. She is probably the Sarah who died in 1887 at Yetholm

    • Annie Turnbull born 30 December 1862 at St Boswells

      In 1881 she is probably a general servant to the Inglis family in Kelso. Later she was a dressmaker, living with her father and then her brother and sister in Yetholm.

    • William Turnbull born 20 February 1865 St Boswells

      He was an apprentice plumber and later a slater living in Yetholm. He was still single in 1901

    • Thomas Turnbull born 24 June 1868 Yetholm

      In 1881 he was living with his parents.

    • Mary Grizie Baillie Turnbull born 12 August 1870 at Yetholm

      Mary lived in Yetholm, she did not marry and died on 26 December 1949. Her death was registered by her cousin Sarah Miller

  4. John Miller born 1836

    In 1841 he was living with his parents

  5. Robert Miller born 1838 Earlston

    For most of his life Robert was a sawyer. In 1873 at Mertoun, Berwickshire he married Jane Wood. The family lived in Melrose where Jane died in 1884. Robert died from TB in 1887 by which time he was a railway surface man. Children:-

    • Thomas Miller born 31 October 1873 at Melrose
    • Andrew Miller born 1876 Melrose
    • Isabella Anderson Miller born 1880 Melrose

      In 1891 she was living with her grandfather Andrew Wood in Melrose. Isabella died from TB at her uncle Andrew Miller's house in Galashiels in 1897

    • Sarah Miller born 1833 Drygrange, Melrose

      In 1891 Sarah was living with her uncle Adam Turnbull in Yetholm and in 1901 she was living with her cousins in Yetholm. Sarah registered her cousin's death in 1949. She did not marry.

  6. Thomas Miller born 1841 Earlston

    In 1861 Thomas was a butcher living with his father

  7. Mary Miller born 1844 Melrose, Roxburghshire

    Living with her father in 1871