Robert Thomson 1799-1887

Robert was born on 23 January 1799 at Mains, Smailholm, Roxburghshire, the son of David Thomson and his wife Margaret Mitchell.

The banns for the marriage of Robert Thomson of Nenthorn, Berwickshire and Mary Richardson of the parish of Crailing, Roxburghshire were recorded in both parish registers on 6 December 1828. After their first child was born they moved to Little Dunkeld, Perthshire until about 1835 when they returned to Crailing and remained there for about 20 years. By 1861 they were in Galashiels, Selkirkshire. The census records Robert's occupation as joiner and Mary as being born about 1802 in Nenthorn, Berwickshire. Mary died in 1883 and Robert on 15 March 1887. Robert's death was registered his eldest son Robert who gave his father's father as David Thomson, ploughman and his father's mother as Sarah Thomson maiden surname Mitchell. As Robert and Mary's second daughter was named Margaret it does suggest that Sarah was an error and Robert's mother's name was probably Margaret.


  1. Mary Thomson born 12 July 1829 Crailing, Roxburghshire

    Mary married William Storie on 1 June 1860 at Ladhope, Roxburghshire. William was a shepherd, born about 1828 at Eckford, Roxburghshire, the son of Thomas Storie and Elizabeth Rutherford. In 1861 Mary and her baby daughter were living with her parents in Galashiels while William was with his father in Eckford, Roxburghshire. The family lived in various places in the Scottish Borders. William died in 1893 at Melrose and by 1901 Mary was living with two of her daughters and grandsons Jasper and George Cook at Eckford. On 17 Sep 1910 Mary J Storie, aged 81, daughters Margaret Storie, Agnes Watson, son-in-law and grandchildren, departed from Glasgow aboard the steamer Grampian bound for Montreal, final destination Toronto. Mary died on 12 June 1914 at Toronto and she was buried in a grave owned by her son-in-law Walter Cook.


    • Mary Richardson Storie born 24 August 1860 Ladhope, Roxburghshire.

      Mary give birth to a son, William Storie Cook, on 12 May 1881, father Walter Cook, a farm servant, both parents registered the birth. On 24 Dec 1886 at Eckford, Roxburghshire, Mary, a field worker, married Walter Cook, a grocer's assistant, born 1862 Oxnam, Roxburghshire the son of Jasper Cook, a farm servant and Jane Cook maiden surname Borthwick. Mary's sister Maggie was a witness. They lived in Jedburgh. On 18 April 1908 the family sailed from Glasgow aboard S.S. Corinthian bound for Montreal, final destination Toronto. Walter's occupation was vanman. Mary died 1 Nov 1926 at Toronto and Walter on 30 July 1934 also at Toronto. They are remembered on a tombstone in Prospect Cemetery, Toronto.

    • Elizabeth Rutherford Storie born 24 May 1862 Galashiels

      She died in 1863 at Eyemouth Berwickshire

    • Margaret Storie born 10 July 1867 Jedburgh.

      In 1910 sailed with her mother from Glasgow aboard Grampian bound for Toronto. She did not marry and died 2 September 1927 at, Whitby, Ontario and is remembered on her parent's tombstone.

    • Elizabeth (Betsey) Storie born 26 Nov 1869 Jedburgh.

      In 1900 at Jedburgh she married Adam Crozier, a forester, born 1863 Jedburgh. Elizabeth died in 1929 at Earlston, Berwickshire and Adam died in 1932 at Oxnam, Roxburghshire.

    • Agnes Storie born 22 Aug 1874 Jedburgh.

      In 1901 she was a farm worker living Eckford, Roxburghshire with her mother, sister and two nephews. In 1903 Agnes married Alex Watson. Agnes and Alex left for Toronto with their two children, Agnes's mother and sister on 17 Sep 1910 aboard Grampian. Alex was a boiler fitter.

  2. Robert Thomson born 28 October 1830 Little Dunkeld, Perthshire

    In 1861 he was a journeyman carpenter living with his parents. On 21 February 1862 at Crailing Robert married Margaret Brown. In 1871 the family were living at Ladhope Bank, Roxburghshire. They had a lodger William Scott, joiner born Jedburgh 1793. By 1881 they had moved to 4 Academy Square, Montrose, Angus and Robert was a saw mill overseer. Robert died 16 Dec 1889 at Montrose and Margaret moved with three of their children to 34 Regent Place, Edinburgh where she died in 1908.


    • Isabella Laidlaw Thomson born 12 Sep 1863 Melrose, Roxburghshire.

      In 1884 at Montrose, Angus, she married David Hislop Garry. He was born 1862 in Montrose. In 1891 the family were living at 17 Palmerston St, Montrose and David is a grocer. Isabella died in 1892 at Edinburgh. In 1901 David is a commercial traveller boarding at 26 Campbell St, Maryhill, Lanarkshire. He died at Glasgow in 1945.

    • Mary Richardson Thomson born 4 Dec 1864

      She died in 1865 at Ladhope

    • Jane Brown Thomson born 26 Jun 1866 Ladhope

      She died in 1868 at Ladhope

    • Margaret Thomson born 12 Jan 1868 Ladhope.

      She was a milliner and up until at least 1901 she lived with her mother.

    • Robert Thomson born 12 Jan 1868 Ladhope

      In 1891 he was a grocer's assistant living with his mother in Edinburgh.

    • James Brown Thomson born 29 Mar 1872 Ladhope.

      In 1901 he was a draper living with his mother in Edinburgh

  3. Margaret Thomson born 1 May 1832 Little Dunkeld, Perthshire.

    She probably died as an infant as another daughter was also named Margaret.

  4. Andrew Thomson born 6 March 1834 Little Dunkeld, Perthshire

    He was a joiner. On 11 July 1867 at Ladhope, Roxburghshire he married Jane Alister, the daughter of Charles Allister, coachman and Euphemia Mutter. They raised their children in Edinburgh. Jane's death on 17 February 1902 at the family home, 2 Marchmont Crescent was registered by her son Robert who gave his mother's name as Jean Crisholm Thomson. Andrew died in 1905 at Edinburgh.


    • Euphemia Mutter Thomson born 1868 Galashiels.

      A dressmaker. In 1895 she married Robert Baillie Wilson. In 1901 Robert was a tobacco manufacturer living with his wife in Edinburgh. They both died in Edinburgh, Robert in 1941 and Euphemia in 1945.

    • Mary Richardson Thomson born 1870 Edinburgh.

      In 1891 she was a milliner living with her parents in Edinburgh. Mary's death on 18 May 1932 at Edinburgh was registered by her husband, John Crichton a furniture store manager. Her mother's name was given as Jean Chisholm Alister.

    • Jane Allister Thomson born 7 Jan 1872 Edinburgh

      She was a dressmaker, dying in 1903 at Edinburgh aged 31

    • Robert Thomson born 1874 Edinburgh.

      He was a railway accounts clerk and lived with his parents in Edinburgh until at least 1901

    • Margaret W Thomson born 1880 Edinburgh.

      In 1901 she was a confectioner's clerkess living with her parents in Edinburgh

  5. Margaret Thomson born 14 March 1836 Crailing, Roxburghshire

    In 1871 she was a woollen power loom weaver living with her parents in Galashiels. In 1881 she was still living with her parents. By 1891 she was living in Jedburgh with her sister and brother-in-law, Agnes and George Scott. In 1901 she was living in Innerleithen, Peeblesshire, with another sister and brother-in-law Elizabeth and John Scott.

  6. Agnes Thomson born 27 April 1838 Crailing, Roxburghshire

    Agnes was a woollen power loom weaver. On 23 October 1873 at Galashiels she married George Scott. George was born in Elgin, Morayshire. In 1881 and 1891 they were living in Jedburgh. In 1881 George was a woollen manufacturer and 1891 a grocer. Child:-

    • James Scott born 16 October 1874 Jedburgh.

      In 1899 he married Elizabeth Waugh. By 1901 he was a baker confectioner living with his father in Inverness. James died on 19 July 1919 at Melrose, Roxburghshire.

  7. David Thomson born 22 November 1840, Crailing, Roxburghshire

    In 1861 he is an apprentice millwright living with his parents in Galashiels.

  8. Elizabeth (Betsy) Thomson born 26 February 1844 Crailing, Roxburghshire

    On 15 June 1866 at Galashiels Betsy married John Scott, a plumber born about 1842 in Galashiels. They lived in Innerleithen, Peeblesshire and in 1901 Elizabeth's sister Margaret was living with them.


    • William Scott born 10 April 1867 Galashiels

      In 1881 he was living with his parents in Innerleithen.

    • Mary Richardson Sowden Scott born 27 December 1868 Innerleithen, Peebleshire

      In 1891 at Innerleithen she married William Fry Linklater. In 1891 they were living at Tynemouth, Northumberland. William was a switchback railway proprietor born in 1867 at Tynemouth. In 1901 Mary was a dressmaker living with her parents in Innerleithen. She died in 1921 at Crieff, Perthshire aged 52

    • Betsy Scott born 14 March 1871 Innerleithen, Peeblesshire

      She probably died in 1872 at Innerleithen

    • Robert John Scott born 12 Feb 1873 Innerleithen

      Died 1875 Innerleithen

    • Dinah Scott born 1876 Innerleithen

      In 1891 a dressmaker living with parents in Innerleithen. In 1897 Dinah married George Bowie in Edinburgh. In 1901 Dinah Bowie is living with her parents in Innerleithen. Her death on 30 Jan 1910 in the Cottage Hospital, Dunfermline, was registered by George Bowie, widower. He was a market gardener. Dinah's usual residence was Cairneyhill, Fife.

    • David Andrew Scott born 5 Oct 1878 Innerleithen

      In 1901 he was a plumber boarding with the Henne family in Edinburgh. On 21 Aug 1905 David married Ann Halfpenny Downie in Edinburgh. Ann was born in 1881 in Edinburgh. They emigrated in 1911 and by 1916 they were living in Alberta, Canada. They moved to the USA in 1922 and in 1930 were living in Los Angeles. David died on 15 Oct 1962 in Los Angeles.