Robert Smith 1765 - 18??

It is very probable that Robert who was was born on 2 January 1765 at Pestonhall, Newton, Midlothian and baptised on the 11 January, the son of Richard Smith and Christian Bennet, is the father of my 3 x great-grandfather, James. James's birth place is confirmed as Newton from the 1851 and 1861 censuses and his death certificate records his father as Robert Smith, miner, and mother as Christina Brown, making the list of children below his brothers and sisters. I have been unable to find the marriage of his parents.

The family moved from Midlothian between 1795 and 1797 to Gladsmuir, East Lothian.


  1. Ann Smith Born 27 May 1783, Newton

    Baptised 3 June 1783 at Newton before the congregation

  2. Richard Smith born 27 January 1786

    Baptised 27 February 1786 at Newton, witnesses Jas. Brown and Jas. Craig.

    Richard was a collier whose irregular marriage on 6 May 1804 at Macmerry to Ann Johnston was confirmed before the Gladsmuir kirk session on 15 June. Their children's names strongly suggest that Ann was the daughter of Peter Johnston and Elspeth Brown, baptised 8 Jun 1783 in Newton. Richard died on 3 May 1861 at Penston, Gladsmuir. The informant was Charles Hogg, his son-in-law. Richard and Ann had the following children all baptised in Gladsmuir except James:-

    • Elizabeth Smith baptised 4 March 1805
    • Christian Smith baptised 17 July 1807
    • Robert Smith baptised 29 September 1810

      He married Margaret Burnett on 18 October 1835 at Prestonpans.

      Robert was a coal miner for most of his life but in his last few years he became a journeyman baker, dying on 20 Jun 1879 at Edinburgh.

      Margaret died aged 62 in 1872 at Newbattle, Midlothian.

    • Peter Smith baptised 4 August 1813

      Probably died as another son given the name Peter

    • Jane Smith born 13 March 1815

      Baptised 9 April mother AGNES Johnston father Robert Smith.

      Unlike other entries in the register there are no witnesses named and was possibly recorded from memory.

    • James Smith baptised 23 May 1817 in Inveresk
    • Anne Forrest Smith baptised 8 August 1819

      She married Charles Hogg, a coal miner, on 14 May 1841 at Gladsmuir and they had many children. Charles died in 1884 in Edinburgh and Anne died in 1899.

    • Alexander Smith baptised 16 December 1821
    • Jane or Jean Smith born in 1824

      In 1891 she was unmarried living with her sister Ann in Edinburgh

    • Peter Smith baptised 9 April 1826
  3. James Smith born 2 November 1787 Newton

    Baptised 10 November 1787 at Newton, witnesses Jas. Brown and Jas. Craig

    He has his own page

  4. Alexander Smith born 18 February 1789

    Baptised 25 February 1789 at Newton, witnesses James Wilson and John Craig

    He married Elisabeth Carson who was born in 1779 in Dalkeith the daughter of David and Elizabeth Carson. In 1841 Alexander was a coal miner living in Somerside, Liberton, Midlothian. In 1851 they were living in Dalkeith and Alexander died in 1856 at West Pans, Musselburgh. The informant was his nephew Robert Smith of Tranent. Elisabeth died in 1858 at Dalkeith, the informant was her daughter who made a mark.


    • Elisabeth Smith baptised 6 December 1818 at Liberton, Midlothian
  5. Margaret Smith born about 1790 at Newton

    There is no baptism for Margaret in the Newton register but her death, registered by her son Robert in 1873 at Dirleton, East Lothian, gives her parents as Robert Smith and Christina Brown. On 2 February 1811 at Gladsmuir Margaret married George Howden, an ag lab born in Ormiston, East Lothian. They had several children and lived in Dirleton. George died in 1870 aged 86.

  6. Robert Smith Born 15 June 1792 at Woolmet, Newton

    Baptised 24 June 1792 witnesses Richard and James Smith

    He died as an infant as the next son was given the same name.

  7. Robert Smith Born 16 June 1795

    Baptised 24 June 1795 at Bannockrigg, Cockpen, Midlothian, witnesses James Wilson and George Pride, coal hewers.

    On 15 Oct 1814 at Canongate he married Helen Russell the daughter of David Russell. The marriage is also recorded in Gladsmuir register for the same date.


    • Margaret Smith baptised 20 August 1815 at Gladsmuir.

      She probably died as another daughter was given the same name.

    • Robert Smith baptised 20 July 1817 at Inveresk

      He probably died as another son given the same name

    • David Smith baptised 1 November 1818 Inveresk
    • Christian Smith baptised 25 March 1821 Gladsmuir
    • Robert Smith baptised 17 May 1823 Gladsmuir
    • Margaret Smith baptised 25 December 1825 Gladsmuir

    Secondly Robert married Euphemia Pentland on 25 November 1832 at Prestonpans, Euphemia was born in 1815 at Inveresk.

    Robert died on 10 September 1858 from miner's phthisis. Euphemia died in 1861 at Inveresk


    • Euphemia Smith baptised 29 December 1822 Prestonpans
    • Ann Smith baptised 3 October 1835 Gladsmuir

      Missing from 1841 census

    • James Smith baptised 9 April 1838 Gladsmuir
    • Janet Smith baptised 3 December 1840 Gladsmuir
  8. Christian Smith Born 10 December 1797

    Daughter baptised 17 December 1797 at Gladsmuir, East Lothian witnesses James Smith and James Hood

  9. Peter Smith Born 15 April 1803

    Baptised 7 May 1803 at Gladsmuir, East Lothian witnesses James Smith and James Hood