Richard Smith 17?? - ????

There is no proof that this Richard is the father of my 4 x great-grandfather Robert but it seems likely.

Richard married Christian Bennet on 29 December 1752 at Newton, Midlothian.

In 1753-1756 they were living in Sunnyside, 1757-1765 Pestonhall or Pastenhall, 1767 Squaretown and 1769 to at least 1781 Woolmet, all in the parish of Newton.

The following children span 28 years which is a long time for child bearing. If Christian had her first child at 17 she would have been 45 when the last was born but I am unable to see an error in the list.

When a child died the name was never reused.

Children all baptised in Newton:-

  1. Thomas Smith born 5 November 1753

    Baptised 11 November witnesses Thomas Benat and William Kirkland.

    Buried 18 September 1756

  2. Richard Smith born 5 June 1755

    Baptised 6 June witnesses Thomas Bennet and Alex Moffat.

    Buried 27 September 1756

  3. James Smith born 19 August 1757

    Baptised 26 August witnesses Thomas Bennet and James Sheen

    There is no proof that this is the James who married Janet Bennet and was the father to the following children but there must have been an older James living in Gladsmuir by 1809 as his brother Robert, had a son James, who is referred to as junior in the church register.

    Children all born Newton:-

    • Isobel Smith born 28 April 1778

      Baptised 3 May witnesses Abraham Bennet and Thomas Aitcheson

    • Richard Smith born 28 October 1779

      Baptised 6 November witnesses Abraham Clas and Hugh Benn__.

      He probably married Janet Forrest on 18 October 1802 in Gladsmuir, the daughter of James Forrest and Elisa Finlayson baptised on 9 January 1780 in Gladsmuir.

      There were no children and Janet died in Samuelston, Gladsmuir in 1859. Her death was registered by the inspector of the poor.

    • Abraham Smith born 8 October 1781 baptised 14 October before the congregation
    • David Smith baptised 6 July 1783
    • Janet Smith baptised 18 September 1785
    • Christian Smith baptised 31 May 1789
  4. William Smith born 8 March 1760

    Baptised 13 March witnesses Thomas Bennet and James Sheen

    He is probably the William Smith whose irregular marriage to Margaret Burnet was confirmed by the Newton kirk session on 18 January 1778

    Children all born Newton:-

    • Joseph Smith born 8 October 1778

      Baptised 18 October witnesses Richard and James Smith, living Woolmet.

    • Mary Smith born 28 March 1781

      Baptised 8 April, living Woolmet. Sponsor was Richard Smith and witnesses James Smith and James Lo

    • Joseph Smith born 1 October 1781

      This entry in the register has been added at the bottom of another page and has the same named parents, baptised 4 October, witnesses Alexander Wight and Richard Smith, living Edmonston. This child could not have the same mother as Mary, above, if the birth dates are correct

  5. Barbara Smith born 10 May 1762

    Baptised 14 May witnesses Thomas and William Bennet.

    Buried 25 November 1765

  6. Robert Smith born 2 January 1765

    Baptised 11 January witnesses William Bennet and James Stevenson

    He has his own page

  7. Abram Smith born 1 August 1767

    Baptised 13 August witnesses Thomas Bennet and Hugh Adam

  8. Mary Smith born 27 September 1769

    Witnesses to baptism (no date) Thomas and William Bennet.

    Buried 8 March 1771

  9. Alexander Smith born 24 November 1771

    Baptised 8 December witnesses Thomas Bennet and Richard Boyd

    He probably irregularly married Janet Chalmers at Edinburgh on 16 August 1802. They appeared before the Inveresk kirk session on 22 August, were rebuked and their marriage was confirmed. Alexander was a sailor when his wife died in Inveresk in 1821 aged 42.

    Known children:-

    • Euphans Smith baptised 11 September 1803 at Crichton
    • John Smith baptised 12 June 1806 in Inveresk and Musselburgh
    • John Smith baptised 17 September 1809 in Inveresk and Musselburgh
    • Murray Smith baptised 30 July 1812 in Inveresk and Musselburgh
    • Janet Smith baptised 7 July 1814 in Inveresk and Musselburgh
  10. Janet Smith born 19 January 1774

    Baptised 30 January witnesses Thomas and William Bennet

  11. Pringle Smith daughter born 11 April 1776

    Baptised 19 April witnesses Robert Laing and Archibald Porteous

  12. Andrew Smith born 14 February 1781

    Baptised 17 February witnesses James Lock and Peter Elliot