James Smith 1818-1881

James was born on 27 June 1818 at Inveresk, Midlothian, the son of James Smith and Euphemia Adams

On 3 June 1836 at Gladsmuir he married Catherine Hogg. She was born in 1817 at Criegh, Pathead, Midlothian. Her father was George Hogg a coal miner.

All the records show James's occupation as coal miner except in 1859 when he is recorded as an ironstone miner on his daughter's birth certificate. In the 1861 census he had an additional occupation of grocer. For all of his adult life James lived within the parish of Gladsmuir, East Lothian.

James died on 29 May 1881 at Macmerry. His son George was the informant.

By 1891 Catherine was living with her son-in-law Alexander Ormiston and his family in the Old Iron Work, Gladsmuir. She died on 10 November 1894 at Macmerry.

James and Catherine had the following children:-

  1. James Smith born 2 Jun 1837

    On 10 October 1856 James a miner married Jane Ross, the daughter of David Ross and Jane Gibb. The witness were James and David Smith

    In 1861 they were living in Pencaitland, in 1871 Macmerry, Gladsmuir, in 1881 and 1891 Orminston and 1901 Tranent. James probably died at Orminston in 1906


    • James Smith born 16 May 1858 at Gladsmuir
    • Peter Smith born 31 May 1860 Gladsmuir
    • Jane Gibb Smith born 23 February 1862 died 1862
    • George Smith born 22 December 1864 Gladsmuir
    • Catherine Hogg Smith born 28 December 1866 Tranent

      In 1891 she married Robert Baxter. In 1901 they were living in Haddington and Robert was a colliery engineman.

    • Robert Smith born 23 December 1868

      Probably died as another son given the same name

    • Jane Smith born 1 August 1870 Gladsmuir
    • Robert Smith born 9 Jun 1872 Haddington
    • John Smith born 1875 Haddington
    • Margaret McLeod Smith born 1877 Pencaitland

      Died 1884 at Ormiston

    • Isabella Smith born 9 March 1881 at Ormiston
  2. George Smith born 27 November 1839

    George was a coal miner. On 20 July 1860 at Ormiston he married Catherine Wilson. She was born at Newbattle, Midlothian in 1840.


    • James Smith born 31 March 1861 at Pencaitland

      He married Marion Ormiston, the daughter of Peter Ormiston and Elizabeth Hogg, in 1882 at Gladsmuir.

    • Isabella Smith born 27 April 1863

      She probably died in 1869 at Gladsmuir

    • Catherine Hogg Smith born 18 December 1864 at Pencaitland
    • Euphemia Smith born 10 October 1866 Gladsmuir
    • John Smith born 21 February 1869 at Gladsmuir
    • George Smith born 31 May 1871 at Gladsmuir
    • Charles Wilson Smith born 20 May 1874 at Tranent
    • Robert Smith born 1877 at Tranent
    • Jane Smith born 17 August 1881 Gladsmuir
  3. Robert Smith born 10 February 1842

    He has his own page

  4. John Smith born 4 June 1844

    On 13 January 1868 at South Back, Canongate, Edinburgh he married Violet Gray, a domestic servant, the daughter of Hugh Gray and Agnes Gibb. John was a joiner of Gladsmuir.

    In 1871 John was a miner. Violet died in 1877 aged 32 at Edinburgh.

    Children all born Tranent:-

    • Agnes Smith born 1869
    • Catherine Smith born 22 June 1870. Died in 1870.
    • James Smith born 26 June 1871
    • Hugh Gray Smith born 2 December 1873
    • John Smith born 11 October 1876

      In 1881 and 1891 he was a coal miner living with his aunt, Catherine Ormiston

    Then John, a cabinet maker of Tranent, married Jane Georgina F Miller, the daughter of John Miller and Margaret Thomson, on 5 September 1878 at Edinburgh. In 1881 they were living in Tranent and around 1882 they emigrated to the USA . By 1900 they were living in Cambridge, Massachusetts and John was a carpenter on the railroad. By 1920 John was a widow and was living with his son George and family


    • George Smith born August 1880 Tranent

      He married Bessie M, who was born in Massachusetts. They had three children.

    • Edward William Gladstone Smith born 30 August 1884 Cambridge, Massachusetts
    • Andrew Rosberry Smith born 30 May 1886 Cambridge, Massachusetts
  5. Richard Smith born 22 August 1846

    He was a coal miner. On 17 January 1879 at Pencaitland Richard married Clementina Duncan. In 1885 the family emigrated to the USA, first to Pennsylvania and then to Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1910 Richard was a boiler maker.

    The 1900 US census says they had 13 children with eight living but in 1910 they said twelve children with eight living so there are one or two missing from the list below


    • James Smith born 13 June 1870 Gladsmuir

      Married Annie Jelley on 14 February 1895 in Cambridge, Massachusetts

    • Jane Smith born 5 March 1872 Gladsmuir

      Married George M Sinclair on 7 December 1897 at Cambridge, Massachusetts

    • Francis Smith born 5 October 1874 Gladsmuir
    • Catherine Smith born 1876 Gladsmuir

      Married William J Jelly. Died 29 March 1897 at Cambridge, Massachusetts

    • Isabella Smith born 1878 Gladsmuir

      Married Arthur Sanderson on 5 August 1903 at Cambridge Massachusetts

    • Euphemia Smith born 3 January 1881 Pencaitland
    • Georgina Smith born 1883 Prestonpans

      A Georgina Bruce Smith born in Ireland in 1887 with the correct parents Richard Smith and Clemintina Duncan married Edward Francis Remington in Cambridge, Massachusetts

    • Thomas Kerr Richard Smith born December 1884 Scranton, Pennsylvania

      He married Elisie Elmore Mccollem on 14 February 1906 at Cambridge, Massachusetts

    • Clementia Smith born November 1887 Pennsylvania

      On 8 March 1911 at Cambridge, Massachusutts, Clementina married Andrew McFarlane Jamieson, a carpenter born in Scotland son of David Jamieson and Elizabeth McFarlene.

    • Helen H Smith born 1890 Stockton, Pennsylvania

      Died of diphtheria on 19 February 1895 in Cambridge, Massachusetts

    • George Carr Duncan Smith born 4 June 1892 Cambridge, Massachusetts

      Died of diptheria on 16 February 1895 in Cambridge, Massachusetts

  6. Andrew Smith born 25 June 1849

    In the 1871 census he was a coal miner living at Macmerry, Gladsmuir but when he married Maggie McLeod, at Edinburgh on 1 June 1871 he gave his occupation as police constable. Maggie was born in Caithness the daughter of George McLeod, a mason and Alice Branchoise.

    They emigrated in 1883 to Pennsylvania USA. By 1900 Andrew was naturalised and a foreman at a coal mine


    • James Smith born 11 March 1872 Saltoun, East Lothian
    • Janet Smith born 1875 Pencaitland
    • George Smith born July 1878 Pencaitland
    • Catherine Hogg Smith 24 September 1882 Prestonpans
    • Andrew Smith born 1886 Pennsylvania USA

      Died on 10 February 1948 at Raleigh, West Virginia

    On 19 September 1907 Andrew, a widower, married Mary Brader who was born in Scranton, Pennsylvansia.

  7. Isabella Smith born 14 June 1851
  8. Euphemia Smith born 23 August 1853

    Euphemia died on 23 April 1866 at Macmerry, Gladsmuir from typhoid

  9. Catherine Smith born 1 May 1859, Penston

    Catherine was a farm worker. On 31 December 1884 at Gladsmuir she married Alex H Ormiston who was the son of Peter Ormiston, a colliery overseer and Elizabeth Hogg. Alex was a coal miner and they lived in Gladsmuir and they had several children. Catherine probably died in 1933

  10. Helen Smith born 22 April 1861, Macmerry

    In 1881 she was a farm worker living with her parents in The Old Iron Works. She witnessed her sister Catherine's wedding in 1884