Build a Hendry Family Tree

Most of the people listed here were either born a Hendry or married one. The list is in alphabetical but with the spelling variation of Hendrie being mixed in with Hendry. Click on a first name to view their tree.

First Name Surname Dates Birth Place County
Agnes Duncan1849- PencaitlandEast Lothian
Mary Dobson Duncan1845- 1912Orton
Christina Robertson Gowans1898- Leith
Janet Gowans-
Matthew Gowans1868- HaddingtonEast Lothian
Alexander Hay1903- South Africa
David Hay-
David William Hay1905- South Africa
Agnes Hewat Hendry1891- GladsmuirEast Lothian
Andrew Hendry1878- 1880EdinburghScotland
Andrew Hendry1873- Leith
Andrew Hendry1870- 1895Leith
Andrew Hendry1840- 1906GladsmuirEast Lothian
Andrew Hendry1810- 1888Prestonkirk
Edward Hendry1877- Leith
Elizabeth Hendry1838- 1912GladsmuirEast Lothian
Elizabeth Hendry1874- Leith
Elizabeth Hendry1879- Newmains
Frances Duncan Hendry1881- 1968EdinburghScotland
George Hendry1883- Leith
George Hendry1877- Newmains
George Hendry-
George Hendry1836- 1914GladsmuirEast Lothian
James Hendry1851- 1872GladsmuirEast Lothian
James Hendry1876- Leith
Janet Hendry1868- Leith
John Hendry1849- GladsmuirEast Lothian
Margaret Hendry1881- Leith
Mary F Hendry1883- Cambusnethan
Peter Hendry1844- 1898GladsmuirEast Lothian
Peter Hendry1887- Leith
Phoebe Hendry1889- Leith
Thomas Hendry1842- GladsmuirEast Lothian
William Hendry1847- 1919GladsmuirEast Lothian
William Hendry1892- Leith
Agnes Hewat1854- Athelstonford
Sybil Jeffrey-
Christina Robertson1845- 1872GladsmuirEast Lothian
Margaret Robertson1853- Leith
Andrew Brash Smith1879- 1952GladsmuirEast Lothian
Elizabeth Walker1810- 1895PencaitlandEast Lothian