Frances Duncan Hendry 1881-1968

Frances was raised as the daughter of William Hendry and his wife Mary Duncan Dobson.

According to her birth certificate Frances Duncan Hendry was born on 31 December 1881 at 2 Salmond Place, Edinburgh. Her parents marriage date is given as 4 December 1874 at Leith, father's occupation railway porter, mothers maiden surname Duncan all of which is correct. The informant is her mother Mary Hendry. However her father's name is given as William Wood and mother's as Mary Wood.

By 1891 the family were back in Gladsmuir, East Lothian.

In 1901 Frances was a house maid at 3 Chamberlain Road, Morningside, Edinburgh.

At the time of her marriage to Andrew Brash Smith Frances was a domestic servant at 9 Mansfield Place, Edinburgh. She was married on 3 June 1905 at Cottyburn, Gladsmuir, East Lothian

During the 1920's and 30's Frances used to visit a Dobson family in the Lake District and they would visit her in Edinburgh. The Dobson connection goes back to a marriage in Orton, Westmorland in 1846 between Frances Dobson and William Duncan. The Dobson's have their own pages.

Details of Frances's married life are to be found on her husband's page, Andrew Smith .